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Custom ConnectorsGCT specialise in custom connectors allowing you to meet specific application and design requirements and budgets. Our mechanical & electrical engineers have many years of experience assisting in design and development of custom built connectors that, we not only helped our customers addressing their design and application challenges, but also saving much of their money. Whether it's a modification of an existing part or a brand new design, we will assist you all the way.

Learn more about how we had helped our customers to meet their specific design challenges for board to board connectors by reading our case studies, or contact our engineers for solutions by sending your case to us.

If you would like more information please email customconnectors@globalconnectortechnology.com.

Custom connector configuration for extended board to board stacking height

Application challenge: a customer needs to stack mezzanine boards with board to board dimension greater than standard connectors can address. Additionally, they could not accommodate the additional cost of a cable assembly and therefore intended to use standard board to board connectors set as standoff for the boards.

GCT solution: understanding that customer would like to keep their cost down by using standard connectors set for the extended stacking height, we proposed to use a set of elevated header and elevated socket, mate them together and secure them with high temperature epoxy, thus creating a pin header that not only can span the extended board to board distance, but can also mate with standard sockets. Customer is very happy with our proposed solution.

If you would like more information please contact GCT.
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